Genus *Syringa*, flowering woody plants native to SE Europe to E.Asia

"Lilac" is the common name for genus Syringa in the Oleaceae family. The lilacs consist of about 20-25 species and are native to woodland and scrub from SE Europe through to E. Asia. They are widely cultivated in temperate climates around the World.

Lilacs are flowering deciduous plants that grow as shrubs or small trees. Flowers are typically purple (often light purple - hence the name 'lilac') but also white, pale yellow, burgundy, and pink are known.

Lilacs are closely related to Ligustrum (privet) and both are classified in the Oleeae tribe.

Lilacs are popular shrubs for both parks and gardens due to their flowers and tolerance of soil types. A range of different cultivars of different flower colors are available.

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