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Locusts are only capable of digging 2-3 cm. deep, to lay eggs. I would dig out the soil in a two inch deep trench, along that little row. The eggs are shaped like fat rice grains, and are usually encased in a dirt capsule (see picture). From here: Grasshopper eggs occur in oval, elongate or curved pods made out of soil particles. Often the size of ...


Those are milkweed aphids, Aphis nerii. As kevinsky notes, these can be controlled with soap and water. Below I magnified your image to better view detail, and took a comparison photo from online: Your aphids: Someone else's aphids:


These look like some kind of aphids to me. It wouldn't hurt to check other nearby plants for these, especially if there are also ants (sometimes ants protect and 'farm' them).


They are aphids which are easily controlled with soap and water. Three applications of soap and water at five to seven day intervals should do the job. They are quite variable in colour. I have seen green, black and orange ones. Adults can have wings and this is how they spread to other plants. Ants also farm them so controlling them may help as well. ...

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