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How close is this tree to your home? Is this tree old or not doing well? I would NOT DIY for this. You should have a professional come out and go through your home. They know how to look for termites. So much damage can happen to structures before one notices that all structures should be visually examined more often. This is a good excuse to check your ...


I can't be certain with the picture quality but based on their location in the wood chips and their appearance I'm going to say you have termites. Certainly get rid of them and/or call a bug inspector to verify.


For some of my garden beds I dump shredded leaves on them, sometimes as much as four inches thick. It does look messy in spring but by the time the worms and other digesters get to work by June there is not much left. My suggestion is to leave piles of plant debris in the fall as shelters for insects but mix them with mulch and soil so they will decompose ...


Have you tried NEEM? This is a pretty great insecticide. Don't worry about total kill. Scrubbing these guys off even with water will hurt the leaves...With vinegar? Alcohol? Ouch. The adults have a bit more protection, but your goal is to get the scale 'under control'...your watering technique is far more preferable to watering a little everyday. Make ...


It sounds like they're probably whitefly nymphs - these are 'baby' whitefly and are wingless. As the plants are edible, I wouldn't recommend any proper pesticide - you can try insecticidal soap, or neem oil spray, but you'd need to keep repeating treatments, probably.

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