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In this article "F is for Froghopper" the following is written about the foam: "The real secret behind ‘cuckoo spit’ is much more interesting than coughing Cuculidae anyway. It’s a froth produced by the nymphs of smallish Hempiteran insects known as froghoppers, which they manufacture by blowing bubbles into the plant saps on which they also feed. This ...


These are Froghopper larvaes. Also, known as Splittlebugs. Wikipedia also shows the adult which I, of course, have seen in my garden. Best thing about it: They are harmless in small quantities. No need to treat. Update: Look who turned up this evening: a parent (Cercopis vulnerata)


That's a sap sucking bug. I don't know the scientific name, but I refer to them as "foamy aphids" for obvious reasons. They are sucking sap out of your plants, so I normally class them as a problem/pest, albeit not a severe one in most cases. They seem particularly fond of my tarragon.

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