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From the general shape, colour and patterning, it looks like a Ladybird of some sort, but unfortunately, the focus of the picture is best on the woody stem and somewhat out of focus on the insect, so its hard to be 100% on ID.


It is a moth or butterfly, some Skipper eggs look like these. I suggest you look on butterfliesofamerica.com. May I suggest that you take a real macro shot, as in 1:1 and then just crop the portion with the eggs. Might be easier to make a more refined guess.


I don't think there's much you can do to reduce the presence of the flies (bluebottle type by the look of it). They do pollinate plants to a degree, and they prefer strong smelling plants, particularly those in full sun, and especially at this time of year, in fall, just before winter, when temperatures are falling. What's important is whether they only ...

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