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Mealybug infestation - looks like mostly larval. I've found that a mixture of 1 teaspoon of dish detergent per cup of water has been an effective control. used as a spray over the entire plant. Once the population has been controlled, wash the leaves carefully to remove residue.


My best guess is a nymph of Caedicia simplex, (common name Katydid, Kiki Pounamu). These are native to Australia and New Zealand. They do feed on plants, but don't usually cause much damage unless the populations are great. There are many color variants. Here's a comparison pic of a nymph that looks similar to yours:


From their looks, and from how you described their movement, Minutes later I started to see these small larva jump onto the bottom of the traps I'm fairly positive these are some type of springtail. From Wikipedia: Springtails are cryptozoa frequently found in leaf litter and other decaying material, where they are primarily detritivores and ...


This is the pupa of a female Lucanus cervus. It's protected in the UK by some law.

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