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You have to tell us what cultivar it is. The most common issue is that hydrangeas bloom only on old wood (save for "Endless Summer" and a few others). So if the plant was pruned back you will get no blooms that year. Leave it alone and see how it does. If as you say, you removed the old canes, that right there is your problem.


I can share my experience with you. I have hydrangea in my courtyard where is gets sun for only part of the day. I have had them for 4 years and have not really fertilized them much (I probably should). I had flowers all 4 years and they are particularly doing well this year. I did prune the dead flowers and I was told that they should only be pruned ...


There are several varieties of hydrangeas. I am guessing you have one that only blooms on old wood. Use one/two tablespoons of Holly-Tone fertilizer in early May and once again in late June. I also recommend putting your used coffee grounds in the soil, hydrangeas love that. Do not fertilize after August. In the winter after a good frost, cover the ...


This appears to be a Philadelphus variety, most likely Philadelphus coronarius (or one of its cultivars) judging by the yellow stamens of the flowers and the slight hooked appearance at the edge of some of the leaves. Photo of flowers here Information and more pictures here - leaves of P. ...

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