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In "Seed to Seed" (Suzanne Ashworth), p 138 it says that favas are hardy annuals, tolerating frost but not hard freezes. The advice I've typically seen is to start them in early spring to harvest before it gets too hot. You'll want to check the time to maturity on your particular variety, and your first frost date for wherever you are in NJ. The couple of ...


They're not getting enough sun. Your plants are etiolated. They want at least six straight hours of direct sunlight, minimum. 8-12 is better. Move them to a sunnier spot. Also, in a pot, you want to use potting mix, not garden soil. This is because of drainage issues in the very different environment, mostly. Next time, you can use a quality potting mix, ...


I saved beans from the spring crop for future seed in a bag and beetles are now emerging from them. They have the same size and shape as summer bean beetles, but darker color. In past i just save the seed in an open container, and I knew there were larva in the seed from the holes in the beans, but the seed still sprouted so I didn't care.


The two insects that I know of which would do this are leaf cutter bees and flea beetles. If the bug is in fact a beetle then it’s most likely a member of the leaf beetle family. By the looks of it neither is considered harmful, just a nuisance (though I wouldn’t mind having the leaf cutter bees in my garden for pollination).

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