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Likely dead. The simplest verification is to peel a narrow strip of bark from the trunk (at a point about chest high, say). If you see NO GREEN = DEAD. If, on the other hand you see green, there is still life. If it should turn out that the tree is alive, the wound you've made will regrow. This regrowth will happen much faster by wrapping it right away ...


I had my gardener cut off the abnormal growth and the plant seems to be doing fine over the last month. No new growth detected on the plant so far. Much simpler option rather than to remove the plant or move it elsewhere


Generally, small black spots on seedlings aren't much to be worried about. The probable cause (or a catalyst when combined with nutrient overdose) is over-transpiration - the plant is evaporating too much water because its soil is too warm and too moist. Hopefully, this is the result of over-watering and over-heating. Keep the roots cooler (>60F during the ...

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