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VFT's can be tricky - being a bog plant, they like a lot of humidity, for one thing, so the tops may have simply desiccated. They also respond poorly when folks fertilize them, as they expect rather poor bog soils. In general, they can be somewhat difficult to grow and keep healthy. The tulips are about 6" / 15cm higher than they want to be planted...


I don't know anything about Venus flytraps, but in general and for any plant, The greenery wasn't accustomed to the stronger south facing sun. When you grow a plant in a protected environment, the greenery is soft and it gets sunburned.


Can't tell without a picture or two. I'm assuming you'd have noticed if the specs were alive/moving. If the plants are still healthy, it's probably just dirt. Don't worry about it. But if there are holes in the leaves too, it might be insect droppings. Check the undersides of the leaves, the main stem, and in the top layer of soil for pests. If you find any ...


I'm going to make a prediction that the spots will turn brown and possibly kill the leafs. This is based on a guess of it being one of the many less than entirely common bacterial or fungal infections that can infect peppers and that it was likely brought in on the garden soil you used, combined with susceptible young plants. Since a lot of pepper plants are ...


This may indicate it is getting too much nitrogen and is focusing on growing foliage. Many factors could be causing it generally, but larger sized plant makes me think it's nitrogen. Blossom Drop


Powdery mildew is worse where sunlight is limited, as is downy mildew. You said cramming plants can increase the risk, and you've had fans on to increase aeration. Humidity would affect it. Dry leaves may make it worse, strangely. The opposite seems to be true of downy mildew, about wet leaves. Here are some potential ideas that might help: Plant ...

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