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If the tree is perfectly healthy and is growing well, the mycorrhiza is most likely beneficial. It might mean the soil was a bit dry - this seems to make the mycorrhiza more visible, but in the main, mycorrhiza is usually present and there is a beneficial synergistic exchange between the plant and the fungi.


Maybe it's mycorrhiza? If so... No.


Bacterial leaf spot infection. There is no cure, but you can try to avoid it next season. Here are some tips: Cultural: Clean up and burn/landfill fallen leaves/fruit. Don't compost. Loosen the soil around the base of the plant. Add 1" of rich compost to the soil. Mulch well with an organic mulch to help conserve moisture Water whenever the ground is ...


It's impossible to see the white deposits clearly, they're not in focus, but the most likely explanation is a mealybug infestation, particularly if there's any stickiness anywhere on the leaves or stems. Repeated neem oil treatments should help - because its an edible plant, I wouldn't recommend a proper pesticide spray. If, after checking pictures of ...


I would also suggest that you only water the plants in the morning when the excess water will evaporate in the sunlight. I made this mistake several times with midnight watering which caused my salvia, Rosemary and lemon verbena to drown first then get fungal disease.


I'm pretty sure this is anthracnose, a fungal infection to which these plants are prone - so far, apart from some vague information regarding using calcium chloride as a preventative, or as a treatment on the fruits, I'm unable to find information on possible treatment. If I find anything, I'll add it later. As you've two of these plants, if the other one is ...


it doesn't look like scale insects to me, they aren't regular enough, looks like some sort of injury or disease... if they are scale insects you could pull them off and you could see "bug parts"


Possibly Alternaria blight, a fungal infection. I can't see the brown parts clearly enough to see whether there are concentric rings within the brown areas, but the spots do appear to have some yellowing around them. This infection can affect the fruits, and occasionally, its the fruit that then infects the plant. If it is Alternaria, you should not grow any ...


I'm still not possessing enough information about the problem, but from what I can glean throughout your comments, it seems you observe the plants wilting before dying. You also say you've tried brand new pots and brand new potting compost, and that you use a moisture control compost, and don't overwater. Nonetheless, it sounds likely the plants are ...


In my experience, planting onions etc around the perimeters isn't very effective. On the other hand, rotation is not only effective, but necessary for a good Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. It is one of the most effective cultural means of pest/disease prevention, and it also helps the soil maintain a balance, as different plants use vastly ...

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