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Yellowing of the lower leaves can be caused by a few different things (and these are different things than if it starts with the upper leaves). How the leaves are yellowing can give you clues as to what is wrong. If the whole leaf is yellowing, nitrogen deficiency is often the cause. If just the edges of the lower leaves are yellowing, potassium deficiency ...


(Peace Lily plant) I had the same white fuzzy mold on my soil for a few months before I noticed it. I repotted the plant with a new pot and tried to replace as much old dirt as I could. I sprinkled cinnamon all over the top soil and have observed for a few weeks. Where there were gaps in the cinnamon, the mold grew back, but very lightly. I scraped it ...


It appears not, since this is a virus spread primarily by grafting, and the incidence of the infection has reduced since the use of disease free budwood by growers. There are two forms of the virus; transmission MAY be aerial, but not via roots or soil. It would, though, be wise to remove the tree and its roots prior to planting another.


I've had every kind of pest and didn't want to trash my babies. The only thing that has worked for me is to take them, pot and all, if small or if large, out of the pot wash roots and submerge them completely under water. I have a small creek by my home so it's convenient. Tubs will work just the same: bury them completely under the water, make sure not ...

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