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A 5 litre pot should be ample. But not to worry, plants are often sold in plastic pots that are about 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm, or even smaller. They possibly will do well in this small space for a a month or two. One can pop off this pot, loosen the roots on the outside of the soil mass and put it into a larger pot with additional soil. This process can be ...


I think the pot is big enough. I am growing about 6 or 7 plants in a pot smaller than that. I get about 3-4 chillies every month from each pot( i have 3 pots) . Its my first time planting chillies and I don't know how much they grow. They have stopped growing now and they are about 1.5 feet high. I think your pot is big enough.


I put down twenty pineapple seeds picked out of fruit. Placed in seedling box with lid sprinkled soil over. Only one came up but its been 2 months n starting to look good


My first guess is Jasminium polyanthum. However, it has not grown much. It may just be a weed that came up in the soil you had - this can happen all the time, even when you are careful to keep weed seed away. Try re-potting it and giving it food/water, it may start to grow faster. Perhaps move the pot around to see if it prefers different conditions, ie ...


The ladybirds and their larvae will do the work for you in controlling aphids, now that you have a food source for them. They are a welcome site in my garden but saw very few last year.


The black bugs are the larvae of ladybugs. They are there to eat the aphids. As larvae or adults ladybugs are efficient beneficial predators. There is no need to wash them away they are working for you! I wonder if you have other plants that have aphids. Some adults have wings and fly to new hosts. Check your other plants for aphids. As they are soft ...


Plants don't flower well in clear transparent pots. The roots turn green. Roots think they are branches and don't absorb the necessary minerals to produce good flowers. They produce good branches and leaves, but not good flowers.

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