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I did that with beets and carrots a few years back. What happens is the vegetables start competing for space underground and end up either being smaller in size or malformed. I would suggest gently taking out 7-8 of these and transplanting them. Of course, it would all depend on where they are in their maturity cycle


From the image, I can tell you, it is still doing okay. Secondly, I think you are doing everything you are supposed to, for now. Just like us, plants also need time to heal. I'd recommend some compost or moss on the top to let more of the stem not be showing it is the way now. This is just something I do, and has worked to keep plants warm, retain ...


There looks to be lots of top area to grow in. You would repot if they dried out quickly after watering or stopped flowering. Birds of paradise rarely flower indoors, your performance may vary. I have frequently seen this species grow indoors to 8' to 10' ( ~3 m) tall in similar size pots. The best way to tell is to take the plant out of the pot and look ...


Dividing is up to you (I'd recommend both), but at least repot them. More than anything else, they look unstable and if you took them out the container, I bet the roots are now wrapping around the edges and strangling each other. The plants are top heaving and could tip in heavy wind. Good Luck!


From what I understand, ficus is a pretty hardy tree. The way a bonsai works is that people either collect a bonsai from the wild, grow one, find a nursery plant that will work (either a random nursery or specialty bonsai nursery), or you purchase/receive an already started bonsai. They are put into bigger containers or even the ground to encourage growth, ...


Your Bonsai will grow bigger if it roots deeper and that appears to be happening. The good news is the Bonsai survived the cat! Bonsai will need pruning of roots at some point, so transferring is not as bad as you think. You can do this carefully, and transfer the Bonsai back to a smaller pot. You might want to prune both the roots and the shoots.

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