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It sounds like they're probably whitefly nymphs - these are 'baby' whitefly and are wingless. As the plants are edible, I wouldn't recommend any proper pesticide - you can try insecticidal soap, or neem oil spray, but you'd need to keep repeating treatments, probably.


I had 6 potted artichokes (small pots), one of which suddenly died, I waited a while to see if the artichoke would stem flowers, but it did not. When I investigated I could not see any reminisce of the artichoke bud. I found two fat grubs like your picture in the pot, I assume they ate the whole plant. What I did, is submerged the small pots in a bath of ...


Yea, I've got one idea - the leaf arrangement and the greenness of the stems are very reminiscent of Jasmine nudiflorum, which is a shrub often grown with support as a climber, but I can't imagine why a seed of this would have been included in a bunch of mixed flower seeds, contents of those are usually annuals or perennials.


Unfortunately, its the light that causes the algal growth. Now you've turned it, the other side will produce algae in response to the light - the brighter the light, the stronger the algal growth, just like an aquarium or fish tank, and it may eventually turn black. One of the disadvantages of planting in clear containers I'm afraid. I agree it shouldn't ...


The algae shouldn't hurt the plant, but if you are seeing a lot of it, you could be over-watering, which can hurt a plant... people will say that the algae will compete for nutrients, which might be true, but it isn't on a scale that you would expect to be able to observe.

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