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That is a katydid, which is any insect in the family Tettigoniidae. Yours is from the sub-family Phaneropterinae. It's a California Anglewing, Microcentrum californicum. It's probably not causing much damage on your plants, but you can control it with a general insecticide. Here's a comparison picture:


It is hard to see clearly, but it looks as if the body is shaped rather like an elongated leaf, with the back end narrowing down almost to a point. The eyes are definitely yellowish with black centres, it should have six legs, jointed in the manner of the two I can see in the picture - if I'm seeing it properly, this is a green katydid, and its one of those ...


Edit: After a tip from Bamboo and a close up picture this looks like a scale insect. Most likely this is oyster shell scale Control can be done in a number of ways which I list below: take a soft scrub brush soaked in 5 ml of soap to 1 litre of water and scrub them off the affected areas. Repeat three times at 7 to 10 day intervals. or prune the ...

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