A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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for questions that ask "what is this thing?" Pictures are helpful, as are descriptive titles. When you get an answer, consider adding a further tag (for the flower, tree, beetle etc that …
× 474
For questions about trees: selection, planting, care, diagnosis, pruning, etc.
× 404
For questions about a plant that's failing to thrive, and where the cause is unknown.
× 364
Any edible plant or part of a plant
× 307
Plants grown indoors.
× 280
Low durable plants of consistent height that are grown to fill an area aesthetically, to be walked on, or as a base for sports and recreation.
× 273
grown for their fruit.
× 232
The reproductive organs of most garden plants.
× 226
Questions about when, where and how much to water plants, about techniques for watering and about the equipment gardeners use to deliver water to their plants.
× 223
For questions about how to maintain or assess a plant's health.
× 215
for questions on growing plants indoors.
× 211
For questions about controlling garden pests
× 191
For questions asking for particular plants that meet a specific need; be sure to describe the type of plant you're looking for, overall climate in your area, where the plants will be situated, and any…
× 191
For questions about controlling weed growth with minimal effort.
× 188
The growing medium for plants, primarily consisting of rock fragments, organic material, water, and organisms.
× 181
Questions about how to best cut plant branches.
× 171
plants with narrow leaves growing from the base.
× 170
For questions about plant diseases.
× 162
Tag for questions asking how to look after trees.
× 155
Edible red fruit, cultivar of *Solanum lycopersicum*
× 155
General tag for questions on plant care
× 154
decomposed organic material, which can be used as a fertilizer and soil amendment.
× 153
Plant organ used for photosynthesis
× 143
Plant pots and boxes that hold soil and growing plants.
× 141
For questions about garden pests such as insects, birds and mammals.
× 139
Small embryonic plant usually with stored food for germination
× 129
Nutritional supplements for soil.
× 124
Putting plants into the ground
× 116
Another name for a bush - shorter than a tree and with multiple stems.
× 113
Six-legged arthropods
× 112
For questions about herbs - plants typically used for flavor.
× 108
For all questions about plant growth
× 105
For lawn-fixing and repair questions
× 103
Small juvenile plants which have just germinated.
× 100
For questions about plants growing where they aren't wanted.
× 99
the name of the process by which a plant starts growing from a seed.