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I plan on using some of these drainage bricks to build a retaining wall.

enter image description here

The installation of the drainage bricks recommends that a drainage layer is used to route the water away from the base of the inner wall.

I am thinking to lay a very wide drainage layer, however my concern is that I "Dry Up" my garden.

is it possible for me to over-drain my garden, whereby any moisture absorbed into the ground is routed away too quickly?

is there any drainage guide which i can apply?

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this amount of work and material is usually only seen in commercial retaining walls that are over 6 feet tall. What are the specifications for your wall, and what kind of soil do you have, where do you live, how deep does the frost go? –  kevinsky Dec 2 '13 at 20:49
Yes, it is possible to have too much drainage, but it depends what you want to grow and what your average rainfall is. If you want lots of alpines, they'll love it. –  Bamboo Dec 10 '13 at 12:53
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Yes it is possible to have too much drainage. If you have a good soil though that will retain enough moisture to reduce your watering frequency. If you have sandy soil you might find yourself having to water frequently.

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