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At my home I have got few different plants (Aloe, Rose, Neem, Pisum, Air plant, Lucky Bamboo) I have got same type of soil (mixed with compost) from plant nursery, so I am wondering that using same type of soil for all of them will be fine or I need to arrange their specific soil requirement.

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General purpose planting mediums are intended for a wide range of plants, and most will be just fine within it. The exception would be acid loving or lime hating plants, such as Camellia, which will thrive best in an acidic compost, usually sold as ericaceous potting compost. Other plants, like orchids, do best in a specialist orchid mix; large, permanent shrubs do better in a loam based mix, so the thing to do is check the requirements of plants you want to grow to see if they require anything in particular regarding growing medium. Succulents such as the aloe you mention would prefer a freer draining compost, but as already said, will do fine in general purpose provided they are not over watered or waterlogged.

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