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It always puzzle me when the website said we should put the bulb under soil about 2-3 bulb height.

For example, a nice post about planting Hyacinth recommends putting the bulb beneath the soil 5cm while all the planted mature Hyacinth ( ready to flower ) I've seen on the market have about 2/3 bulb height above the soil.

If I've seen the bulb growing bud, should bury the bulb?

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Yes, and as recommended by the supplier. The ones you see in bowls, ready to flower, are for indoor use and have been specially treated to induce them to grow for use as houseplants. They are also usually planted in bowls without drainage, in a special growing medium, and they are not expected to be kept for long, because once the flowering is over, they won't flower again in the house, and need either to be binned or planted outside, at the recommended depth of 2-3 times the depth of the bulb itself.

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