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There are light green stems covered with crater-looking bumps sprouting off the main stems, close to the ground. Is this normal? I can't find anything like these growths in descriptions online or through image search. Just want to make sure I shouldn't get rid of them somehow.

I know what mealy bugs are and this isn't that, the bumps on the light green stems I'm sure are part of the stem itself/part of the plant.

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Sounds like an adventitious root or a rhizome. Bamboo is a vigorous grower in the right climate and will spread with their tough and vigorous roots. Some more details on how hard it is to eradicate bamboo outdoors is described here.

A picture would help as the common "lucky bamboo" is actually a dracaena.

If it is just growing roots from the stem there is nothing to worry about or do. The plant is just trying to get as much nourishment as possible.

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