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I have a tomato plant in a large planter. I spotted several yellow lady bugs on the leaves as i was pruning the plant. The plant seems to be doing very well in the fall so far.

I was a bit curious as to what they were. I never seen yellow ladybugs. I also don't know much about insects. I did notice some of the leaves had holes in them. I presume that's from insects eating on my plant.

I did a quick google search and indicates that they might possibly be beneficial for tomato plants. I wanted to confirm this. Are yellow ladybugs helpful for tomato plants? Are they any different from regular red ladybugs?

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I think ladybugs are what we call ladybirds - there have always been yellow ones with black spots, sometimes black with yellow spots, and the more usual red ladybirds. They are classified often by the number of spots they have on their backs, but they all do the same job - eat aphids, which is good for your tomatoes and any other plants.

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ladybugs (ladybird beetles) are beneficial. their larvae and adults eat smaller (generally plant sucking) arthropods. – Grady Player Nov 8 '12 at 18:36

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