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My lawn seems to have more wild strawberries than grass (especially in the shady areas), which means it needs some work. But if it can support strawberries, there must be some great fruits/vegetables/flowers that will grow great in the soil.

What does this indicate chemically about my soil? What else will thrive? (Zone 5B)

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This page suggests that you have acid soil (there are other pages that make the same suggestion, but this was the first hit):

Weeds for Acid Soil: Dandelions, Weeds, common mullein, wild strawberries. Instead of them, you can grow azaleas, blueberries, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, endive, potatoes, shallots.

For what it's worth, I also have tons of wild strawberries in a new garden patch that was tested last fall to have a pH of 5.0. (And blackberries, oh the blackberries!)

So plant potatoes and shallots for the main course, and some blueberries for dessert. :)

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