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Looking for help with this plant we recently got. Not much of a plant person, but struggling with this one in particular. Don't know what it is..but I think it's slowly going.

I think the soil is really bad...water just flows right through it and it feels quite dry only a few hours after watering. The soil is very hard.

Any help?

enter image description here

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Looking for an identifying answer, especially one that gives good instructions on the care needs of this particular specimen.

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How long has the plant been in that pot? It might be time to change the soil. Make sure you get good potting soil, and just get rid of the old stuff.

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This answer is not very detailed, and doesn't completely answer the question. Try to flesh out a little more, and be more detailed. What is the plant? What makes you think it's time to repot? –  J. Musser Sep 19 at 19:30
@J. Musser Well frankly, you've only got to look at the soil in the pot, plus the description that its hard... looks almost like garden soil. –  Bamboo Sep 22 at 15:29
@J. Musser - though its hard to say what kind of soil it might need without ID, it just looks tired –  Bamboo Sep 22 at 15:50
@Bamboo Truth, but my comment was more to the end of promoting a higher quality answer, than it was in disagreement with the post. I agree it's time to repot, but a good answer is more than a two line opinion. –  J. Musser Sep 25 at 11:03
@J.Musser - its annoying, this plant is vaguely familiar, but I can't for the life of me think what it is, nor find it anywhere –  Bamboo Sep 25 at 11:05

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