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Possible Duplicate:
Raised bed around tree. Do I need to protect the trunk?

I want to put a circular bench around my cherry tree but need to make the ground level. It's not level due to its roots. Is there anything I can do? I was thinking about covering the area with sand and pebbles but understand this would harm the tree. I love the tree and do not want to lose it. Help!!!!

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I have a cherry tree that has mulch all around it - to prevent grass from growing there. It is doing fine after many years of mulch. Perhaps mulch (ground hardwood) is a solution?

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Trees like it just the way it is. You can change the grade by small amounts and mulch is a good way to do so as it allows some air movement to the roots below.

This answer has more detail on the ways to change grade. If you do not raise the grade more than a half inch to an inch a year that should work. However, not changing anything is guaranteed to work.

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