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I'd like some help figuring out what the cause of my unhealthy tree is in addition to suggestions on how to fix it.

The tree is at least 3 years old; I've lived in the house 2 years and each year it looks the same. Its leaves are droopy, bark peeling, and the leaves never reach the top of the branches.

I've watered regularly, treated it with root stimulant, pruned dead branches, pruned leaves sprouting from the base of the trunk and nothing seems to work.

I appreciate any help!


Also, the tree gets full sun everyday in Dallas, Texas.

Full length Trunk Leaves Branches

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This tree has major damage to the important tissue underneath the bark that transports nutrients to the branches above it. From the pictures it looks like at least 50 percent of the cirumference is damaged. The branches above the damage are only getting half or less of the nutrients they should.

This accounts for the dieback at the tips of the new growth and the sucker growth.

I would say that this tree is a write off and the damage is too severe to recover from without skillful grafting.

This type of damage can be caused by a poor planting procedure. Something as simple as letting the trunk of the tree bounce up and down on the tailgate of a pickup would do this.

Another cause could be really bad staking and tying. Although given the size of the dents in the trunk you would have to tie it with metal bands not the more common wire.

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