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I bought a fern at Walmart just a few weeks ago. It had been in the frost at least 3 times and they were going to pitch it out. I was wondering if anyone knows how to save a dying fern? It still has green leaves.

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Does the plant label have any other information, perhaps a genus?

Ferns like water and humid conditions, so make sure it is watered. Not sat in water, but don't let it dry out. Also it will prefer a humid atmosphere - think bathroom rather than a dry office for example.

Many ferns are perfectly fine with frosts although they may go dormant like most plants in these conditions. Due to their water needs I tend to think of them as temperate plants (think of babbling wooded brooks in the British Isles, for example) - where frosts are common. But I've also seen them growing in the rainforests of Costa Rica - VERY humid but frosts are unheard of and would probably kill these species.

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