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I live in an apartment that has a small outdoor patio and I'm looking to create a little container garden this autumn/winter. I'm located in the US (hardiness zone is 7) and I'm looking for ideas (plants) that might work well in this environment.

The containers are of an undetermined size at this point. The deck patio area we have to work with is about 4 x 3 (ft.) and is facing west. We are looking to plant in late autumn and have the garden through the winter.

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First, I would recommend you plant anytime from now until mid Autumn (Fall). Why?

  • Will give the plants a little more time to establish themselves in the containers before Winter arrives.

Second, below is some "general" container information that I believe might prove helpful:

Now to answer your question, below are few plants that I believe would work well given your requirements:

Good luck! And enjoy your Winter garden.

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