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So, a yet another windstorm came through this week and dropped a branch tree on my clothesline, ripped it right off the house!

I was planning repurposing the line on using to support my peas next year, but they're doing just fine on the front lines with just jute twine. So I thought I'd ask what veggies could benefit the most from being propped up with the steel reinforced clothesline wire? I've got about 300 feet of it.

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Steel reinforced clothesline wire would be a good choice for supporting raspberries and other cane fruit, as well as grape vines.

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Personal experience: Tomatoes do great when grown on a trellis structure made of wires.

Below are a few more candidates that would do well on such a trellis structure:

  • Snap or Snow peas
  • Cucumbers
  • Pole beans
  • Melons
  • Winter squash

Disclaimer: The above list comes from a web site I helped transfer over to WordPress. See here, "Growing More with Less Space" for the actual post containing the above listed "candidates".

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