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I've noticed quite a few slugs around my garden recently, and I realized that I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I know some bugs are bad and some are good, and I don't know what category slugs fall into.

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They are a primary ingredient in slug fritters ( Not that I've ever tried cooking that.... – rsgoheen Jul 13 '11 at 17:20
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Slugs are one the most common garden pests. If not eliminated they can do much damage. They do most of their damage at night when you are not watching. If you see one then surely there are many that you don't see. There are many products on the market for slug control. These are mostly baits. The easiest ways are available around the house. The first is beer. Slugs love the yeast in beer. Bury a container in the ground where slugs can climb in. Fill it halfway with beer and the slugs will climb in and the alcohol will kill them. Ashes and salt also can be effective. Ashes from the fireplace can be sprinkled around the garden perimeter. Same can be done with salt. These practices discourage slugs and snails.

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Slugs are considered a pest. I don't know of any benefits they provide.

See answers to this question for ways to deal with them.

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