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I planted an Ouillins Gage tree some years ago and it died after an attack of bacterial canker, although two nearby apple trees, planted at the same time, were unaffected and are still thriving.

I'm planning to plant another plum or greengage tree in the autumn, and am hoping for better luck this time. I would prefer a late-flowering variety that:

  • produces fruit that is very good for eating fresh when fully ripe;
  • is hardy,
  • disease-resistant,
  • a reliable and heavy cropper, and
  • self-fertile (space is limited).

My soil is light and free-draining. I live in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Is there a variety of plum tree that meets these criteria?

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Eureka! I have finally tracked down two varieties that satisfy 98% of the above criteria:

  • Marjorie's Seedling

  • Denniston's Superb

Details here.

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No personal experience as I haven't grown plums, but the panel of gardening experts on Gardeners' Question Time podcast always mention Victoria Plum as a relatively easy & good variety to grow in the UK, when asked questions about growing plums in the UK.

A few more varieties to take a look at:

  • Czar
  • Early Rivers
  • Greengages

Above 3 varieties (plus others) can be found in these two articles:

Addition: You may want to listen to, Gardeners' Question Time, 22 Jul 11: RHS Show Tatton Park, Cheshire or direct link to MP3, @ 21mins:40secs in. Recommends a couple of types of Greengages to grow.

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Thanks for your suggestion. Victoria Plum does have a lot to recommend it but, unfortunately, it is very susceptible to bacterial canker (once bitten, twice shy!) and silver leaf :( – Mancuniensis Jul 7 '11 at 2:14
@Mancuniensis, have added 3 more varieties you might want to take a look at, plus a couple of links to articles you might find helpful. – Mike Perry Jul 7 '11 at 2:41

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